Reflection on digital project

         Writing Blog posts on WordPress is something I really enjoy. I wrote other posts on this WordPress account in an other English course. Some of the previous blog posts consist of maps showing different street signs in Beirut, Lebanon. However, in this post, I will introduce a different project assigned in another English course at AUB. This project is based on collecting a data base of books that were read by people from different ages and in different high schools. This digital project will reveal what and why particular books have specific values and were regarded as important texts that should be read.  It also shows how each the public and the private school follow a certain curricula.


       images  In this project, over 20 student contributed in gathering the necessary information such as book titles and authors, graduation year of the intervene, which school they went, etc..and then plugged them into a specific spreadsheet that all the students are accessed to. In this spreadsheet, each student adds what he or she has found during his interviews. In this project, students should actually collaborate since it’s a group project. My group is formed by three members,  including me. The three of us all created WordPress accounts. Marianne and I used to take another English course together and I think she has writing skills. Yet I don’t have enough background on my other team-mate Theresa, but I think she is a kind person and has writing skills. Their participation and knowledge is very essential in this group since this project focuses on literature and genre; however, I’m overwhelmed with comfortableness when it comes to group works because I enjoy working on my own and some group members depend on the other to complete the work. Hopefully, I won’t go through any disadvantage in this group! 


        The most surprising part about interviewing people is that some of them have read the same Novels that were read by different people that went to different high schools. I used to believe that private schools’ requirements differ completely from the private’s schools ones, especially French system schools. However, after collecting the date base, I came to realize that the French plays and Novels are read repetitively through out the years in both private and public schools. 

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies..the man who never reads lives only one. -George R. Martin

           One of the most important aspects that features this project is the fact that we, as students will be able to differentiate between the books that were read in public schools and the books that were read in private schools. Furthermore, another interesting feature that I would like to focus on, is looking at the importance given to literature and reading in both high schools and whether the students in private schools were more educated. In addition, I will also tend to focus on the younger generation nowadays, and look at the books read by French system schools. It will also be interesting to investigate if French as a language is still important as it were after the French colonization in Beirut until the 21th century. In addition, it is significant to notice what were these people reading during their free time, and based on that I will evaluate their cultural background, and whether this person is more intellectual than the person who does not read in his/her free time, and if the school has an effect on that. 

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